What our clients say

Through Matt Rowett's guidance we have changed and improved our business significantly. Matt has not only advised us regarding tax, but also has given us insights into business strategies and guiding personnel. We have achieved workable systems and a measurable direction for the future with the leadership and support Matt has provided our business.
Graham and Julie Ramsdale
Tatiara Seeds

Thanks for your help with getting the claim done so quickly
Big help at this time - so grateful for the cover!
Kim Nankivell-Rowell
myPod Podiatry

Prior to selling our business, Heath's assistance in setting us up with Xero Accounting software was pivotal in giving us better visibility over our business finances so we could push to grow the business quickly and maximise our return on investment.
After the sale, Murray Nankivell, smartly planned our tax obligations, had every question covered and saved us tax in the process.
Tyson & Amanda Matthews
Former GCS Café Owners

From white goods rentals to share trading and onto caravan park broking - the team at Murray Nankivell were with us all the way. In 2011 we purchased the Millmerran Village Caravan Park - our last "crack" before retirement. Through some excellent advice from John Burgess (and Deb McGrice of course) our park has surged ahead and become a wonderful business.
Thank you Murray Nankivell - for 38 years we have been heeding your advice - why go anywhere else.
Tony & Dawn Smith
Millmerran Village Caravan Park

Our family first held an informal meeting in Melbourne 6 months prior to the more formal one held at Murray Nankivell. The minutes of this meeting were emailed to our accountant, Mark Edwards, to give him some insight & understanding of our family needs & concerns. He then organised an agenda which was emailed to all family members, along with original meeting minutes. This enabled us all to reflect on each other's perspectives & time to consider proposals for the following month's more formal succession planning meeting.
Mark was given an overview of our farm finance & assets and was happy to chair the meeting held in the Murray Nankivell boardroom, an independent staff member was in attendance to document minutes of the meeting. Mark helped create a relaxed happy atmosphere, he was totally unbiased & open minded at all times. He ensured everyone present had the opportunity to give their considered opinions & share any concerns without any fear of prejudice or feeling of inadequacy. Conversational tone was positive and non-threatening with all feelings & contributions respected enabling all to feel comfortable to happily share their individual perspectives.
At all times Mark offered clear direction & his unambiguous communication ensured transparency & trust. We were all well informed, understood the outcomes were as fair as possible & given various options for future financial directions. The following day, all family members were individually emailed the minutes of this meeting & given an opportunity for any alterations. This was unnecessary as documentation were concise, accurate & easily comprehended. The outcome of our first family succession planning was a great success; we were given great direction that has since assisted family members with their own financial planning. It is comforting to have started this process in such a happy & professional manner, it augers well for future healthy family communication concerning succession planning.
Bob & Rosie Legoe

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