You may have seen recent news or been contacted by people or companies advising you that you have money outstanding from the ABB share takeover by Vittera and/or ABB dividends outstanding to you.

 This may seem like a hoax, but its true!

We have obtained and reviewed the public register of unclaimed money as at 10th March 2016 by the South Australian Government. 

 At this date (10th March 2016) we can confirm you had money owed to you.

If you have not done so already you can easily claim this without needing to engage other people to do this for you. 

 What to do?

If you have not already claimed back your money please contact us so we can confirm the amounts owed to you and the address on the register. 

We have a copy of the list but can not distribute this due to copyright.

 Then you will need to do the following:

1.       Write to Computershare Investor Services (PO Box 2975, Melbourne 3001) and request that the unpresented cheque be cancelled and a new cheque issued to your current postal address.

2.       You will need to provide a copy of identification (drivers licence or passport)

3.       You will need to provide a document (ABB Grain shareholder number or old dividend, any bank statement or tax invoice, that matches your name and address listed in the public register.

 Contact us at  or  to confirm your details on the register and the amounts owing to you  


Murray Nankivell


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