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Retirement Planning for Aussie Farmers

Mention the word 'retirement' to almost any Aussie farmer and chances are you'll get that same silent piercing stare like Clint Eastwood, that says "I'll never retire"

Of course the reality for farmers and each and every one of us irrespective of our profession is starkly different.

We all have to plan and face retirement. This is a good thing that we all should be looking forward to, not afraid of.

However for many farmers succession and planning for their retirement is quite confronting.  

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Three Risks of Direct Life Insurance


How you can get an appropriate policy and advice for your situation

Direct life insurance can 'appear to be' the saving grace to many of our worries. It's cheap, easy to apply for and can be done in no time at all – which makes it the clear choice for many time-poor consumers who want to do the best they can with what they have.

While seeking the advice of a financial adviser might seem like money and time that could be saved, the benefits of seeking out professional advice when it comes to life insurance far outweigh the cost savings.

Direct life insurance isn't always the best option, for a number of reasons, three of which we've outlined for you below.

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