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ATO Amnesty on Employer SG Obligations

Last month saw the resurrection of the proposed SG amnesty after the previous bill failed to pass through Parliament.

What is the Proposed Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty?

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Changes to Insurance in Super

New 'Protecting Your Super' laws will come into effect from 1 July 2019

Amendments to superannuation laws include forcing all super funds to cancel any life insurance for members who have not made contributions into their account for 16 months.

If you do not want your insurance cancelled, you will need to either make a contribution or make a specific declaration to the fund to continue your insurance.

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Superannuation Downsizer Contribution Scheme

An Age Old Property Dilemma Solved by the Superannuation Downsizer Contribution Scheme

This article explores how the "Superannuation Downsizer Contribution Scheme" can assist a retired couple to deal with the common issue of needing to sell their current home before being able to purchase their next home.

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