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AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms


You are the reason we are in the 2018 "Financial Review Top 100 Accounting Firms"

Murray Nankivell are proud to make the list again this year. Our merger with Mencel Business Services helped to maintain a 'mid-pack' footing.

We continually strive to provide high quality services to the local community and pride ourselves in knowing what is important to our clients.

By combining local knowledge with our accounting and financial planning expertise, we get the job done, for you.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's impossible to have missed the pins in fruit scare, which has severely impacted the strawberry farming industry. While social media initially fueled the Nation's fear due to fake images of pins in strawberries being posted, the Internet is now alive with people showing their support for affected farmers.

This cruel sabotage comes during one of the toughest periods for drought affected farmers, with Strawberry farmers now subject to a national crisis with every State affected and multiple incidents reported across Australia.

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Retirement Planning for Aussie Farmers

Mention the word 'retirement' to almost any Aussie farmer and chances are you'll get that same silent piercing stare like Clint Eastwood, that says "I'll never retire"

Of course the reality for farmers and each and every one of us irrespective of our profession is starkly different.

We all have to plan and face retirement. This is a good thing that we all should be looking forward to, not afraid of.

However for many farmers succession and planning for their retirement is quite confronting.  

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Photo: A Grade award winners - Matilda Parry (Coaches Award), Ally Wendelborn (B&F) and Jess Wiese (B&F Runner Up)

Murray Nankivell is particularly proud of our team member Ally Wendelborn - taking out the 2018 A Grade Best & Fairest Netball Award at Mundulla.  Murray Nankivell, like the Mundulla Netball Club, is fortunate to have Ally Wendelborn in our team, knocking out great performances week after week. Well done Ally!


Keeping up with ever-growing demand is vital for the future success of the agricultural industry. Population is growing and its impact on farmers is one of the most important considerations to be made. Our country's growth alone is already ahead of predictions by more than 30 years. To ensure sustainability of future supply there can be many approaches that can be considered including investing in new technology through to successfully managing succession of family owned farms. 

It was predicted in 1998 that Australia would reach around 23.5 million people by 2051, yet in 2018 we've already reached 25 million and are growing at an unprecedented rate.

How does this impending evolution of society impact agriculture? What role does agriculture play in feeding Australia and how will it maintain exports while also meeting the growing demand of its domestic markets?

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Managing People as a Business Grows - Importance of Communication

Why, how and what to do when managing people as your business grows

Managing people and keeping up the motivation for yourself and your team as your business grows can be a complicated, exciting and daunting process.

While the increased cash flow and growth is great, it can also mean many organisation and managerial changes, which you need to be ready for.

However learning and planning to manage people as your business grows doesn't mean it has to be hard.

At the end of the day – the evolution of your company or business is directly linked to the professional growth of your team members, your systems, marketing and satisfaction of your customers.

When you're able to manage and communicate with people effectively, your business or company will reap the benefits and continue to evolve.

So how do you handle managing team members along with the growth of your business?

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Fuel Tax Credits Made Easy

Do you claim Fuel Tax Credits for fuel you use in your heavy vehicle, farm equipment or other machinery for your business? Do you know that you can simplify how you keep records and calculate your fuel tax credit claims?

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Understanding Salary Sacrifice


Understanding the ins-and-outs of salary sacrifice is no easy feat. Like most people, you probably know that it has benefits to your take home pay but do you really understand how it works, what limits apply and whether it's something you can elect to do in your workplace?

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Making BAS Simple for Agricultural Businesses

Why, how and what to look for if you want to make BAS simple in the agricultural Industry

In the agricultural industry a little planning can make things much easier at BAS time. Record keeping and accurate bookkeeping will make BAS preparation and lodgement flow smoothly, and the process will quickly become stress free.

BAS Quarterly Periods
The Quarterly BAS Periods and Lodgement Dates for 2018 are:
Quarter 3 January to March 2018 28 April 2018
Quarter 4 April to June 2018 28 July 2018
Quarter 1 July to September 2018 28 October 2018
Quarter 2 October to December 2018 28 February 2019

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Increase Your Efficiency with Cloud Accounting

Rapid advances in technology are now allowing businesses to enhance the speed and accuracy of record keeping and financial analysis – not only the cash in and cash out but payroll, superannuation, invoicing, contacts and more.

New requirements from the Tax Office for payroll and superannuation reporting for employees, mean cloud accounting is also an efficient and hassle free way to meet these requirements, and increase the efficiency of your bookkeeping at the same time.

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