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Single Touch Payroll starts 1 July 2018


For medium to large scale businesses, 1 July 2018 will bring a huge change in how they report payroll information to the ATO. That's the date the Government will roll out Single Touch Payroll, their new streamlined reporting solution. This system will allow employers to report wages, salaries, withholding, workplace giving, and super information to the ATO at the same time they pay their employees. 

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The Value Of Owning Your Business Premises

7 advantages of buying your own commercial business property

Considering buying your own commercial business premises? As exciting as this is, there are many key factors to consider and decide upon before making your final decision.

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Understanding Cash Flow

Thanks a lot for finding your way to the Murray Nankivell blog on understanding cash flow.

First, what is cash flow?
In simple terms cash flow is "the cash you have coming in, and the cash you have going out."

Now while the meaning of cash flow may be relatively simple, learning how to understand and manage cash flow is another thing entirely.

In fact not understanding and mismanaging cash flow is what puts most businesses out of businesses.

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