last updated:   27/4/2020  2:09:14 PM


We will be posting important information on all of the Commonwealth and State Government, Australian Taxation Office and Banking Industry stimulus and relief measures available. We intend for this to be a living document that we will update on a frequent basis as new information gets released.

We have tried to break down the measures into smaller categories to make it easier to digest. Of course where possible we have also tried to provide information about what you need to do to access a particular measure.

The stimulus measures are designed to achieve the following outcomes during this pandemic where possible:
   1.  Keep as many Australians employed in jobs.
   2.  Keep as many businesses alive so that there are jobs to return to.
   3.  Where they can't achieve the two above items they will try to provide individual income support through access to Centrelink benefits and superannuation as a last resort.

We encourage you to to discuss how any of these measures may be applied to your circumstance.  We are here to help you build a solid cash flow plan to survive the coming months and make the most of any financial stimulus or relief available to you.

We have also taken the time to provide you with a free COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning document to help you make smart decisions when developing your plan and cover aspects you may not have considered yet covering a range of different areas of your business.

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