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Useful Apps


Take a picture which then gets cropped, formatted and saved as a PDF which can then be emailed or accessed online.
Can email as a PDF or JPG file.
Easy to use - Free - High quality PDF

Google Play, Apple, Microsoft



Categories are the same as what are in tax returns with sub categories for more information.
All transactions require a description, percentage claimable, date and option for photo of receipt.
Options for recording travel are point to point, GPS tracking and odometer readings.
Multiple log books can also be recorded.
Information can be exported to excel and can be emailed.
Photos are not included in excel but can be sent separate via a zip file.
Maximum of 20 entries per category except "other expenses" which has a limit of 50 entries.
Easy to use - Free - Best option for individuals

Google Play, Apple, Microsoft



Photos taken of receipt, the app automatically records GST, price, company, classification, date and payment method.
Details can also be manually entered. Photos saved to your phone.

App only allows you to record the information of the transaction; everything else is done on the internet.

$15 per month.


Google Play, Apple


Business Apps


Linked to online version of software. All services can be accessed through the apps. Can create and send invoices.
Pictures of receipts can be taken and are saved with the transaction. All easy to use and free download.

Google Play, Apple



Has reading on a range of different things which need to be thought about before starting a business.
Doesn't provide much detail, more just things to think about.

Business Health Check: Helps you work out if you are ready to take on the challenge of running a small business.
Topics include skills, income, time, plan, networks, motivation and benefits.
Starting Your Business Checklist: Assists with organizing some of the requirements of running small business including registrations, licenses, tax and super responsibilities and legal requirements. Provides further information on how to complete each step.
Case Studies: Provides a few case studies of things that can go wrong when starting your own business.
Networks: Provides tips and ideas about how to develop a business network.
Easy to navigate and provides a great starting point for anyone thinking about starting their own business. Free.

Google Play, Apple

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