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Over the last few years Financial Planners have featured frequently in the media for all the wrong reasons. Most of the media and regulators' attention has been caused by the unscrupulous practice of directing clients to purchase products and investments that provide the highest commissions to the advisor as opposed to being in the best interest of the client.

Murray Nankivell Financial Planning operates on a fee for service* basis. This means that you can choose to be charged a financial planning advice fee based on either the time spent preparing your advice, or enter into a fixed price service agreement with us – both of these options will be discussed and agreed upon at your first appointment and then put in writing so that you can be positive how much you will pay.

Either way it is a user pay approach - we do not assume that the more money you have, the more financial advice you need. Our approach provides you with absolute certainty over the fee you will be charged - with no surprises.

At Murray Nankivell Financial Planning, we cover all areas of financial planning from investment in shares, managed funds, managed fund superannuation, self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), estate planning and risk insurance and we are under no obligation to promote particular investments or services of any institution or product provider.

Murray Nankivell Financial Planning is licensed through the Lonsdale Financial Group (AFSL Number 246934), and our Authorised Representative Tony Bedworth is based at Naracoorte and regularly visits our other offices, providing a full range of financial planning services.

Being licensed thorough the Lonsdale Financial Group allows Murray Nankivell Financial Planning access to support and resources of a large leading provider of quality financial services in Australia. This support allows us to remain informed and up to date with the latest research, advice and legislative practices in the financial planning space. Combined with our extensive local knowledge and access we are able to provide a winning formula for our clients.

*Note that our "fee for service" model does not apply to some life and risk products, as these products are inbuilt with commissions.

Click here for contact details for an obligation free consultation with Tony Bedworth and checklist of what to bring to the first meeting.

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