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Running a successful business takes time, money and lots of hard work. So insuring your business should be top of your mind when you're thinking about what might happen if you were totally and permanently disabled and couldn't work.

Have you considered the 'what ifs'?
No one wants to think about the 'what ifs' but if you are a partner in a successful business, the 'what ifs' can't be ignored. Whatever your situation, the relationship you have with the key people in your business probably extends beyond your work.

Now is the time to discuss the 'what ifs'. It's also the time to put plans in place to decide what would happen if you or another business partner suddenly left the business or who would take over and how the business would be valued.

Business insurance is not just about securing the future of your business... it's also about securing the future of those you care about and who rely on you for financial support.

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