Retirement & Estate Planning

Getting Money Out of Super

The reason for building your super nest egg is to one day provide for your retirement. There are some compelling reasons why this should be done by drawing a pension from your fund.

Investment earnings are taxed at a 0% tax rate. Once you're over 60 the pension drawings are tax free.

There are also opportunities for members who have reached preservation age to commence a Transition to Retirement Pension while still continuing to work.

It's important that you seek the right advice before withdrawing money from your fund to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and withdraw the money in the most tax effective way.

What gets better with age?- Superannuation tax savings and benefits!

Superannuation and Death

You've spent years building your super so don't forget to ensure that it passes to the right people. Many people are surprised to learn that superannuation is not automatically covered in their Will.

We can look at your estate planning intensions and make sure your SMSF assets are passing to the appropriate people in the most tax effective way.

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