Strategies to Build your Nest Egg

There are a number of strategies which can be used to help increase your super fund balance and minimise the amount of tax you pay.

Maximising contributions

There are limits to how much you can contribute into superannuation and quite often there impacted by your age and whether or not you are still working.

Salary Sacrificing

This popular option involves giving up some of your pay and putting it into your super. The super fund will pay 15% tax on the contribution which could be a significantly less than your marginal tax rate.

In-specie Contributions

SMSF's allow you to 'transfer' certain assets from your own name into your SMSF. This helps to build your super balance and the asset benefits from concessional tax treatment inside the fund.

There are restrictions on what can be transferred so it's important that you seek advice; common examples are listed shares and business real property.


SMSF's are able to borrow money to fund the purchase of investments; real estate is the most common example. Borrowing inside super is complex and the rules are more restrictive than borrowing outside of super.

It's important that you're aware the rule before entering into a borrowing arrangement.

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