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Murray Nankivell Financial Planning offer extensive advice in a wide range of investment options, in and outside of super. This includes Shares, Managed Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Cash Management Accounts, Bonds, and Term Deposits. We can also assist in your understanding of gearing. Depending on our clients' individual needs and goals, we tailor our advice to suit each situation. 

Every investment we advise must be itemised as part of the Lonsdale Financial Group Limited's Approved Product List. Our planner can only provide advice on financial products that are on Lonsdale's approved product list. The approved product list includes a large range of investment and insurance products for which the appropriate research and analysis has been undertaken. 

Our planner cannot advise you on, or influence you in favour of, a financial product that is not on Lonsdale's approved product list. 

For many people, a high-interest earning account or a cash management account, separate to your everyday banking, is a simple and effective way to start saving and to make your first venture into the world of investing. 

When you are ready to start looking at alternative investment options, there are four main asset classes to choose from:

  • cash
  • fixed interest
  • property, and
  • Australian and international equities (also known as shares). 

You can choose to invest directly in these assets – such as purchasing an investment property – or indirectly via a managed fund, which provides you access to multiple options, diversification and consolidated administration. 

Either way, your financial adviser will be able to guide you towards the choice that is right for you.

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