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How many superannuation funds do you have?
Do you know how your superannuation is invested?
Do you know what fees apply to each fund?
Do you know what contributions are being made to your fund?
Does your superannuation fund include any personal insurance? 

If you don't know the answers to the above questions don't worry; you are not alone. 

Unfortunately it is a very common occurrence for superannuation investors in Australia to not know the answers to these questions. 

Murray Nankivell Financial Planning can assist you in putting the superannuation jig-saw back together. Once we gather this information we can then provide you with advice as to which superannuation fund is best for your needs. 

Murray Nankivell Financial Planning's superannuation advice, ranges from simple, cost effective administrative funds, through to Self Managed Super Funds, depending on your goals and needs. We use our software to compare and find the best suited option for you. We also offer investment and insurance advice within superannuation funds. 

We can advise in choosing the right super fund for you, consolidating your super and contributing to super, making tax effective contributions, accessing the government co-contribution if possible, reviewing insurance options, salary sacrificing, splitting superannuation contributions, salary packaging, defined benefit schemes and making binding death nominations, all depending on your needs. 

Call us to help to make sense of all of these things and make a difference to your financial well-being.

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